Trent Bicycles

Mechanical engineering students Jared and Brady Trent, who are also brothers, have combined their interests in mechanical engineering, business, and cycling with their own bike repair company, Trent Bicycles.

Ryan Byrnes

Mechanical engineering freshman student Ryan Byrnes discusses how his interest in engineering intersects with his passion for writing.

2MW Ben Levine

Ben Levine, a junior from Mansfield, Mass., combines his interest in mechanical engineering with his passion for art.

Fall 2016 ME Design Expo

Eighty-three student teams from Mechanical Engineering Design (ME 270), Mechanical Systems Design (ME 415), and Multidisciplinary Engineering Design (ME 466) gathered in the Howe Hall Atrium on December 6, 2016 to display and present the projects they’ve worked on throughout the semester.

2nd Annual Caterpillar Innovation Challenge (Fall 2016)

Students from various clubs participated in a daylong workshop in which they brainstormed and produced a door design for bulldozers and other machinery. The event was hosted by Caterpillar Inc. and took place October 15, 2016 on the Iowa State University campus.