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ASCE student chapter earns recognition for “outstanding activities”

Iowa State University (ISU) senior Erica Mack didn’t waste time diving into civil engineering. “My first week of Iowa State was when I started getting involved in ASCE,” Mack said, describing her first experience with the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Student Chapter at Iowa State University (ISU). For going on four years, the Department of …Continue reading “ASCE student chapter earns recognition for “outstanding activities””

Engineering in Africa: Iowa State professor makes a global impact

Situated near the northern border of a country with a long history of violence, political instability, and disease is the Bilingual Christian University of Congo (UCBC), a school offering promise and hope to a community that has endured years of loss and strife. Launched in 2007, the university is part of the Congo Initiative, which …Continue reading “Engineering in Africa: Iowa State professor makes a global impact”

Commitment to service

The flooding that overwhelmed Ames on August 10 caused widespread damage and disruption, with few citizens left untouched. While there were countless episodes of neighbors helping one another or citizens making small sacrifices for the greater good, a few examples of going above and beyond were found among College of Engineering faculty. On August 11, …Continue reading “Commitment to service”