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Hashemi invited to attend NAS symposium

Nicole Hashemi, William March Scholar in Mechanical Engineering and assistant professor, has been invited to attend the National Academy of Sciences Indo-American Frontiers in Science, being held April 7-10, in Agra, India. The symposium is designed to create a collaborative environment by bringing together outstanding young scientists from diverse disciplines to share their research. “I …Continue reading “Hashemi invited to attend NAS symposium”

Brown discovers NAS report is based off Iowa State research

When Robert Brown was perusing the early October publication of the National Academies of Sciences’ report on U.S. biofuels policy, his attention was drawn to its economic analysis. As he read on, Brown realized that this part of the report was heavily influenced by studies performed at Iowa State. “I was surprised to discover that …Continue reading “Brown discovers NAS report is based off Iowa State research”

Brown responds to National Academy of Sciences report

Robert C. Brown wrote a guest column for the Des Moines Register that was published Oct. 7 in response to a National Academy of Science report. According to Brown, the report concludes that advanced biofuels made from cellulosic biomass (crop residues, grasses, and wood chips) will not be economically feasible without heavy subsidies or high petroleum …Continue reading “Brown responds to National Academy of Sciences report”