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Cover of academic journal showing a layer of gold and white spheres.

Shan Jiang’s Janus particle discovery lands Langmuir cover

Shan Jiang, assistant professor of materials science and engineering, led a discovery that made the cover of Langmuir. Jiang and his team investigated how amphiphilic Janus particle assembly structures are influenced by the addition of surfactant molecules. The research offers principles and guidance for future applications in coatings, biomedication, sensors and disease diagnosis.

Engineered nanoparticle discovery led by MSE’s Jiang makes cover of Nano Letters

Shan Jiang, assistant professor of material science and engineering, led a research group that created a novel Janus nanocrystal platform to control nanoparticle self-assembly. Janus particles are fundamental new materials, and Jiang’s discovery opens opportunities in different areas including energy, drug delivery, disease diagnosis and therapy. The results appear on the cover of the March issue of Nano Letters.

Q&A with Goldwater Scholarship recipient Mouhamad Diallo

Mouhamad Diallo, a junior double-majoring in mechanical engineering and materials engineering, is one of four Iowa State University students who recently received a Goldwater Scholarship. The scholarship provides up to $7,500 per year and encourages students to pursue careers in STEM research. He recently sat down with us to talk about his upbringing, his current studies, … Continue reading Q&A with Goldwater Scholarship recipient Mouhamad Diallo

Research updates

In the past few months, College of Engineering researchers on three projects—one on novel nanovaccines, one on new wind turbine structures, and another on energy and transportation infrastructure planning—have reached key milestones in their research. Here are some highlights: Making one-dose, needle-free nanovaccines for infectious diseases Can you imagine a world where diseases such as … Continue reading Research updates