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Iowa State engineers use keyboard, mouse and mobile device ‘fingerprints’ to protect data

We’ve all typed in a password to access a computer network. But how secure is that? Passwords can be hacked or hijacked to get at sensitive personal, corporate or even national security data. That reality has Iowa State engineers looking for methods beyond passwords to verify computer users and protect data. They started by tracking …Continue reading “Iowa State engineers use keyboard, mouse and mobile device ‘fingerprints’ to protect data”

Keystrokes yield ID clues

Written by Perry Beeman Des Moines Register The way you type on your computer’s keyboard is as unique as your handwriting, and may even be a matter of national security, says an Iowa State University engineering professor. The U.S. Department of Defense, looking for better ways than hacker-prone passwords to protect its systems, is betting a …Continue reading “Keystrokes yield ID clues”

A new generation of recycling

Two researchers in electrical and computer engineering are starting a new trend in recycling, shifting from conserving materials like paper and aluminum cans to being more resourceful with digital space. The unique concept, called bandwidth recycling, is a response to the unprecedented changes taking place in the mobile industry. Many of these changes are a result …Continue reading “A new generation of recycling”