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Latest buzz about Cake Engineering

Civil engineering senior Mary Burroughs has had a busy end to her semester. In addition to studying for her classes, she has been in the media quite a bit talking about her business Cake Engineering. Check out some of the stories: ABC5/WOI-TV Iowa State Daily Des Moines Register Sioux City Journal Ames Tribune

Cake Engineering

Mary Burroughs is a senior civil engineering student with a passion for design that has led her to create her own custom cake business, Cake Engineering. Inspired to attend a fondant-making class offered by a local Michaels Stores her senior year of high school, she made herself a graduation cake much like those made on …Continue reading “Cake Engineering”

Cake Engineering

Civil engineering senior Mary Burroughs combines strategic planning, problem solving, and her own artistic flair in her hobby-turned-business called Cake Engineering. It started during her senior year of high school when Burroughs decided to make herself a cake. But, she didn’t want it to be just any cake. Inspired by Food Network reality TV shows …Continue reading “Cake Engineering”