Kohl: Bigger cattle require better facility design

Big cattle need plenty of room. The exact amount of recommended space per animal varies by the type of feed yard. Kris Kohl, Iowa State University Extension agricultural engineer, gave a rundown of stocking density guidelines at a cattle stewardship seminar at the Dickinson County Fairgrounds in Spirit Lake last month.

Kohl: Warm temps bring storage considerations

In the past couple of weeks, high temperatures have been well above average, with dew point temperatures above grain temperatures. This can cause grain bins to act like solar collectors on the south side. The southwest side heats up, causing the air to rise and dry the grain, says Kris Kohl, Iowa States University agricultural engineer.

Kohl: Heavy winds lead to most combine fires

Winds of over 25 miles per hour along with dry conditions during harvest are a strong recipe for combine fires. Iowa State University Extension Ag Engineer Kris Kohl says they did a survey two years ago and found the major cause of combine fires is due to heavy winds.