Heatwave works to Team PrISUm’s advantage

Update: June 29 Adding 78 laps to its run on Saturday, Team PrISUm made an extreme comeback on the final day of the Formula race to land in third place. Only two laps short of first, Iowa State’s solar car completed 191 laps at the F1 race track in Austin, Texas. Even dealing with the [Continue Reading…]

Team PrISUm hopes for Texas heat at this summer’s Formula Sun Grand Prix

Two big projects are crowding the Team PrISUm garage this summer. Walk in and the left side of the garage is full of 4-foot by 8-foot sheets of polyurethane foam. The student-engineers of Team PrISUm are gluing the sheets together to build big blocks that will be machined, sanded and polished into molds. The molds will help [Continue Reading…]