Neil Gong: Securing data in electronic systems

Electrical and computer engineering assistant professor explores how information security and privacy intersect with data science As emerging systems such as social media and mobile computing continue to improve access to information like a map to your next destination or ways to keep up with your family’s activities, these tools offer a growing range of benefits and [Continue Reading…]

Jacobson awarded for contributions to information security education

Douglas Jacobson, University professor of electrical and computer engineering and director of the Iowa State Information Assurance Center, was recently recognized with a 2011 Security 7 Award from the Information Security magazine for his work with information security education. Each year, the magazine honors seven professionals who have done work in the realm of information [Continue Reading…]

Jacobson adds information security insight to Viewpoints interview

During a recent Viewpoints segment about Google, Doug Jacobson, Professor of Electrical  and Computer Engineering and Director of the Information Assurance Center, discussed how Google can seemingly know where you are located during searches by evaluating the address your computer uses when it connects to the Internet. He also discussed how companies can’t tie your [Continue Reading…]

Information security takes center stage

Doug Jacobson, University Professor, stages a cyberdefense competition in the Internet-Scale Event and Attack Generation Environment, a virtual Internet developed to study and teach computer security. Watch the video from ISU CoE