Tirthapura wins second-straight IBM Faculty Award

Srikanta Tirthapura, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering, has been selected as a recipient of the 2014 IBM Faculty Award, his second-straight selection. The IBM Faculty Award is an annual, worldwide competitive program intended to foster collaboration between researchers at leading universities, and those at IBM. “It’s a competitive process,” Tirthapura said. “Every year [Continue Reading…]

Somani receives IBM Faculty Award

Arun K. Somani, associate dean for research at Iowa State University’s College of Engineering, was awarded the 2013 IBM Faculty Award. This year’s $20,000 award represents the third-straight IBM Faculty Award for the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Vikram Dalal, Thomas M. Whitney Professor, won in 2011 and 2012. “This award will be used [Continue Reading…]

ECpE’s Dalal Receives IBM Faculty Award

Vikram Dalal’s solar cell research continues to turn heads. Dalal, Thomas M. Whitney Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering, was awarded the 2012 IBM Faculty Award, his second in as many years. Much of the $38,000 award will go toward building a new deposition system for the solar research teams. “This award will go a [Continue Reading…]

Dalal receives IBM faculty award

The search for eco-friendly energy sources is a worldwide affair, and researchers are drawing closer to new innovations every day. Among this group of determined professionals is Vikram Dalal, Thomas M. Whitney Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Dalal, who is working to advance solar energy, recently received the 2011 IBM Faculty Award. He has [Continue Reading…]