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Gaming at ECpE

This feature debuted in the Spring 2013 issue of ECpE Connections Magazine Brian Kraus, Robert Romore, and Jacob Cramer are architects, but they don’t build museums. They’re designers, but they don’t lay out magazines. They work with physics, but they’re not physicists. All three are software engineering majors, but they consider themselves game developers at heart. …Continue reading “Gaming at ECpE”

ECpE student shares her experience at 2013 Game Developers Conference

by Brittany Oswald, Senior, CprE This March, I had the privilege of attending the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. It may sound cheesy, but going to this conference changed my life and has solidified my desire to pursue a career in game development. The theme for the conference was “Learn. Network. Inspire.” Well, I …Continue reading “ECpE student shares her experience at 2013 Game Developers Conference”