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Liggett Family Legacy – Part III: John M. Liggett

A 1999 article in Visions magazine, produced by the Iowa State University Alumni Association, informed many aspects of the reporting in this four-part series Though his father and grandfather’s interest in mechanical engineering may have played some role in his decision to attend Iowa State, John M. Liggett admits he was attracted to the school … Continue reading Liggett Family Legacy – Part III: John M. Liggett

PODCAST: From blue roofs to rebuilds: why communities can (or cannot) construct after catastrophes

A hurricane hits. You survive the storm, but your house doesn’t. And to complicate matters, you don’t have the documentation to prove the house was actually yours to begin with. What do you do? Construction engineering doctoral student Jess Talbot recently traveled to Puerto Rico, a country still reeling from the effects of Hurricane Maria back in 2017. Along with her mentor, Assistant Professor Cristina Poleacovschi, Jess studied how communities are … or are not … able to reconstruct after a catastrophic event. Be sure to listen to the latest episode of our new podcast series “Factor Analysis” and click SUBSCRIBE wherever you listen to podcasts. Special acknowledgement to the research team of Cristina Poleacovschi and Jess Talbot, including:

Sara Hamideh (Stonybrook University), collaborating professor
Carlos Santos, undergraduate student
Luis Gallardo & Alison Chopel, Habitat for Humanity

And thank you to the multiple UPR students and the stakeholders and community members who shared their stories with us.

ECpE’s Cardinal Woman: Stacey Ross

  After a successful year of leading and connecting faculty and staff around campus at Iowa State University, Cardinal Women*, a university group specifically for people identifying as women who are cisgender, trans, of trans experience, etcetera, has selected a new team on campus with contagious and inspiring energies. Stacey Ross, Graduate Admissions Coordinator in … Continue reading ECpE’s Cardinal Woman: Stacey Ross