Experiential learning makes an impact

College is all about learning, and there’s no better way to test that knowledge than through hands-on experience. Students across the College of Engineering know experiential learning, such as internships or co-ops, is a great way to apply their coursework and prepare them for their future careers. One way students find out about such opportunities is through [Continue Reading…]

ISU alumnus presents at annual Black History Month event about overcoming obstacles

Dr. Petros “Pete” Gheresus, Robert and Claire Reiss Chair of Industrial Engineering  at Kettering University, has one resounding message about his journey from Eritrea (formerly a province of Ethiopia), East Africa, to the American Midwest: he didn’t get here alone. “I did not get here by myself,” Gheresus said. “Call it the miracle work of [Continue Reading…]

CoE engineering students return to high school to discuss abroad experiences

Former Ankeny students Katie Powers and Kevin Hyler recently returned to Ankeny Centennial High School to share their experience studying abroad with students at the school. Powers and Hyler are both enrolled in engineering at Iowa State University and spent time studying overseas last year. This story was originally published by the Des Moines Register.

ISU study to demystify Hollywood’s science fiction guns

You’ve probably seen a bullpup gun even if you don’t know what it is. Millions of moviegoers have seen the futuristic-looking guns appear in the hands of Peacekeepers, the militarized law enforcers of the dystopian Capitol government in “The Hunger Games” films. The unusual shapes of bullpup guns have also been featured in many past [Continue Reading…]

CELT announces recipients of Miller Faculty Fellowships

The Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT) has announced the 2014-15 Miller Faculty Fellowships. Out of a record 26 applications, six projects were funded for a total of $60,000. Miller Faculty Fellowships provide faculty members with opportunities to enhance their scholarly work in undergraduate academic programs and develop innovative ways to enhance student learning. [Continue Reading…]

ISU students build 28-foot tall Lego man out of cardboard to raise homeless awareness

“Move a little bit over to the left; we don’t want the head to tip over, because then we really have a problem,” said Ryan Francois, senior in civil engineering, as his colleagues moved the levers of four lifts carrying a giant 8-foot cardboard head. It’s Francois’ largest and most ambitious project yet: constructing a 27.8 foot [Continue Reading…]

Finding the future of energy

Three College of Engineering professors discuss the decline of fossil fuel use and its likely replacements: Alan Russell, Department of Materials Science and Engineering; Vikram Dalal, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering; and Carolyn Heising, Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering. Read the Iowa State Daily‘s story here.