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Boeing, Iowa State representatives meet to discuss current, future connections

The Department of Aerospace Engineering recently hosted representatives from Boeing and Iowa State University to explore connections between Boeing and aerospace, electrical and computer engineering and mechanical engineering at the university in the areas of space and autonomous systems. The visit – which included meetings, facility tours, an overview of the NASA-sponsored Iowa Space Grant …Continue reading “Boeing, Iowa State representatives meet to discuss current, future connections”

Researchers demonstrate engineering approach to combine drugs, control parasitic worms

Cyclone engineer Santosh Pandey helped lead a project that demonstrates an engineering technology used in cell studies can also be used for drug testing on parasitic roundworms used as a model whole organism. In this case, the technology quickly developed a cocktail of four drugs that was effective in paralyzing the roundworms.

$4 million grant gives opportunities to women in STEM fields

This year, Iowa State University received nearly $10 million from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to help improve diversity in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields. Within Iowa State’s Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECpE) department, $5 million over the next five years will go toward creating 272 individual NSF Scholarships for students from Iowa State, Des Moines …Continue reading “$4 million grant gives opportunities to women in STEM fields”

ECpE’s Jacobson consulted on safety of Bitcoin

Iowa State University’s electrical and computer engineering Professor Doug Jacobson was featured in article published on The article, which discussed whether Bitcoin is safe or not, features several professional opinions, including Jacobson’s. Bitcoin is a type of digital currency that uses encryption techniques to regulate the units of currency and verify the transfer of …Continue reading “ECpE’s Jacobson consulted on safety of Bitcoin”

Iowa State Computer and Software Engineering ranked nationally

Iowa State University has a strong reputation for leading the pack nationally in engineering. Recently, that reputation was recognized by two different organizations. Guide to Online Schools, an independent online research group, ranked Iowa State Computer Engineering number one for their online master’s program. The rankings were based on affordability, academic strength and more. This placed …Continue reading “Iowa State Computer and Software Engineering ranked nationally”

Grace Hopper continues to inspire generations of women in engineering

Grace Hopper carries many titles: Navy admiral, computer engineer, co-creator of the term “computer bug” and most recently the posthumous recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Her biggest claim to fame might be her work on Mark I, a naval computer that ran mathematical equations, which aided in the creation of the atomic bombs used …Continue reading “Grace Hopper continues to inspire generations of women in engineering”

ECpE graduate student paper places second at IEEE Sensors Conference

Early this November, Iowa State University Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECpE) Graduate Student Silu Feng was awarded the prestigious IEEE Sensors Conference 2016 Best Paper Award. Her paper, accepted as an oral presentation and entitled “Rapid Detection of Theophylline Using Aptamer-Based Nanopore Thin Film Sensor,” placed second out of 617 accepted papers. According to ECpE …Continue reading “ECpE graduate student paper places second at IEEE Sensors Conference”

CBE Hall of Fame to induct ISU alums Brady, Roberts

The Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering Hall of Fame will soon grow by two with the upcoming inductions of ISU alumni Dr. Michael D. Brady and Gayle A. Roberts, P.E. Brady will be officially recognized as part of the department’s annual Honors and Awards Banquet November 4; Roberts will be officially recognized at a …Continue reading “CBE Hall of Fame to induct ISU alums Brady, Roberts”

Eight ISU teams selected for start-up program

The Pappajohn Center for Entrepreneurship at Iowa State University has announced the teams that will be a part of their first summer “CYstarters” program. The program, which takes place over 10 weeks from May 23 to July 29 at Iowa State, will allow teams access to between $6,000-$12,000 in funding, access to industry mentors, educational …Continue reading “Eight ISU teams selected for start-up program”

Engineering alums complete prestigious NASA leadership program

Iowa State background leads junior professionals to selection for NASA leadership development program The Foundations of Influence, Relationships, Success and Teamwork (FIRST) program at NASA takes young professionals with excellent technical skills and helps them to learn about themselves and their workplace to become better leaders. “At NASA, people are incredibly technically competent, but they …Continue reading “Engineering alums complete prestigious NASA leadership program”

Iowa State undergraduates showcase their research at annual Capitol event March 29

With research on wind turbine blade optimization, the underlying mechanisms of neuroinflammation, the Native American Jingle Dress and Iowa’s care deserts, there will be much to discuss when 22 Iowa State University undergraduates present their research to legislators and others during the annual “Research in the Capitol.” The event will be from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Tuesday, March 29, in the Rotunda of the State Capitol building in Des Moines.

Things get three dimensional this week with artist Joel Anderson

After retiring from 33 years with Shell in Houston, Joel Anderson started looking into art. Originally interested in woodworking, videos on Jon Peter’s Youtube channel of Peter working with encaustic (a wax-based paint made of beeswax, resin and pigment) caused Anderson to start looking at a new medium. Anderson graduated from Iowa State in 1981 …Continue reading “Things get three dimensional this week with artist Joel Anderson”

Iowa State engineers develop flexible skin that traps radar waves, cloaks objects

Iowa State University engineers have developed a new flexible, stretchable and tunable “meta-skin” that uses rows of small, liquid-metal devices to cloak an object from the sharp eyes of radar. The meta-skin takes its name from metamaterials, which are composites that have properties not found in nature and that can manipulate electromagnetic waves.

Iowa State engineers protect the power grid

Iowa State engineers Doug Jacobson and Manimaran Govindarasu have built the “PowerCyber” testbed to help researchers, industry engineers and students learn to protect the cyber security of the power grid. The testbed will do vulnerability analysis, risk assessment, attack-defense evaluations and other tests. The end goal is to help create a future electric power grid that is secure and resilient.

Faculty to be featured in Discover Magazine

Sandbulte professor, Ian Dobson, will be featured in Discover Magazine’s lead article for the March 2016 issue. Dobson’s research with physicists, Ben Carreras and David Newman, on the risk of large blackouts is described in detail in Discover’s article, “Averting the Blackout of the Century,” by journalist, Peter Fairley.   Dobson and his team’s work …Continue reading “Faculty to be featured in Discover Magazine”