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Marston family legacy lives on

Great-great-grandson of Anson Marston gets a family history lesson from a school project When Nicholas Barney, an enthusiastic 3rd grader from Springfield, Virginia, was given an assignment to do a year-long project on a state of his choice, he knew he’d pick Iowa. Twenty years of research into family history that his mom, Lisa Barney, …Continue reading “Marston family legacy lives on”

How do you create a hanging sculpture that represents the field of engineering to hang in the new Marston Hall atrium?

To be honest, we need help answering this question. Our Marston renovation art committee has retained famed artist Norie Sato to create an artistic piece representative of engineering from various perspectives. This project is of special interest to me, and I thought it was important to get input from our alums, faculty, staff and friends. …Continue reading “How do you create a hanging sculpture that represents the field of engineering to hang in the new Marston Hall atrium?”

Artifacts found as Marston renovation continues

Marston Hall continues its 60,000 square feet renovation, and construction workers have found several unique artifacts during the excavation process. The first artifact, a plate found under the floor by the dean’s office, is believed to be pottery made prior to 1897 by Alfred Meakin (Ltd.), Royal Albert, Victoria, and Highgate Potteries, Tunstall. The pottery …Continue reading “Artifacts found as Marston renovation continues”

Interior demolition at Marston begins next month

Written by Anne Krapfl. All of the furniture is removed and asbestos abatement is complete in Marston Hall, which closed in early August for an 18-month renovation. Crews have removed old mechanical systems from the basement, which exists only under the west rotunda, and currently are pouring concrete walls and tunnels on the west side …Continue reading “Interior demolition at Marston begins next month”

Gearing up for a new academic year, and reflections on last year

Summer seemed to quickly pass by as it does every year. I hope everyone was able to enjoy some relaxation and fun. Many of us in the College of Engineering spent July and August moving out of Marston Hall in preparation for the start of the major renovation project. We have relocated to different buildings …Continue reading “Gearing up for a new academic year, and reflections on last year”

Alumni and Friends Show Enthusiastic Support for Marston Hall Transformation

Graduates of the Iowa State University College of Engineering and other friends who know the college and the profession well are some of the biggest supporters of the Marston Hall revitalization. These alumni and friends recognize a state-of-the-art facility is needed to address the exciting growth and evolving educational needs of the college. They are …Continue reading “Alumni and Friends Show Enthusiastic Support for Marston Hall Transformation”

Marston tenants are starting to move

Written by Anne Krapfl, Inside Iowa State For the second time in seven years, the university will empty an academic building to complete a major renovation. The last employees are scheduled to move out of the College of Engineering’s Marston Hall the first week in August, and interior demolition could begin by the middle of …Continue reading “Marston tenants are starting to move”

Marston Hall renovation: Moving forward while preserving the past

Marston Hall has served as the home of our College of Engineering for more than a century. With its majestic limestone facade and grand rotunda, Marston Hall has long symbolized the distinguished reputation of our world-class college. When I arrived at Iowa State just about one year ago, I quickly learned the history of my …Continue reading “Marston Hall renovation: Moving forward while preserving the past”

Marston Hall renovation plan moving forward

The College of Engineering received good news following the March 7 capital projects advisory committee (CPAC) meeting when President Leath approved our request to proceed with renovation planning and fundraising for historic Marston Hall. The university also committed dollars from central funding to help support this effort. Marston Hall is in great need of repair …Continue reading “Marston Hall renovation plan moving forward”