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Sullivan Flynn: The right people in his corner 

Portrait of Sullivan Flynn.
Portrait of Sullivan Flynn.

Sophomore Sullivan Flynn came to Iowa State excited to experience something bigger than himself while also having a group of people to support and encourage him while discovering who he is. 

Flynn has been a member of the chemical engineering student group on campus since his first semester at Iowa State. “The chemical engineering group has been a great way to meet other people who are in my same major, have the same interests as me, and really just get to work together and be kind of a family. [It’s] a good way to get a mix of the big school experience, but also the small school culture.” 

“You don’t just see them in class, but you make friendships, you make bonds.” Connecting with students older and younger has created a real network of future engineers that Flynn knows he can always rely on. 

“What makes chemical engineering special is you get that nice culture there to support you. You get to make a lot of friends and connections, and that’s really the people that I hang out with the most are all the chemical engineers that I’ve met.”