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Daniel Rosenhamer: Outstanding senior in computer engineering


New Ulm, Minnesota

Clubs and activities

Computer Science and Software Engineering club, and Cyber Defense Competition. 

Valuable hands-on learning in class 

CprE 488 labs, though difficult, were the most useful hands-on learning experiences I’ve had as a computer engineering student. Every two weeks, you get to learn new technology, design it in both software and hardware and create a fully working project.  

Out-of-the-classroom engineering experience 

Studying abroad was easily the most valuable out-of-class learning experience that I experienced at Iowa State. I would highly recommend studying abroad to any Iowa State student. I had the opportunity to learn from so many new people and places while studying in Ireland and traveling across Europe. 

Most influential mentor 

Mohamed Selim, associate teaching professor of electrical and computer engineering, has been an outstanding mentor and role model over my past four years at Iowa State. Dr. Selim was my mentor in ENG 101, my professor for a few other classes, and he is currently my senior design advisor. Throughout my time learning from Dr. Selim, he has always brought enthusiasm for his work, and he encourages genuine engagement to help you fully understand the material. 

Best memory

It’s too difficult to choose just one standout memory from my time here, but I know for sure it was made with some of the amazing people and friends I made at Iowa State. 

Plans after graduation 

After graduation, I will be pursuing a career in embedded systems with John Deere. 

Making my mark on the world 

As engineers, we have an opportunity to bridge the gap between technical expertise and everyday users. I want to encourage other engineers to help equip individuals with the knowledge and tools necessary to fix their own devices, maintain their privacy, and safeguard their security. 

Engineering like a Cyclone Engineer 

One of the great things about studying engineering at Iowa State is the opportunity to branch out. You get the chance to branch out and meet new people, study different fields, research material you find interesting, travel the world, and become a more well-rounded engineer prepared for your future career. But more importantly, you become a more well-rounded individual, better prepared for the life ahead of you.