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Victoria Fleming: Outstanding senior in aerospace engineering

Victoria Fleming


Des Plaines, Illinois

Club and activities  

Society of Women Engineers cabinet, Diving Club cabinet, Residence Hall Treasury, research under Kristin Rozier, associate professor of aerospace engineering. Additionally, I have been a teacher’s assistant under Hartanto Wibowo, assistant teaching professor of civil, construction and environmental engineering, for the Engineering Statics class. Iowa State also equipped me with the skills and confidence to complete three internships: at The Boeing Company, a co-op at Collins Aerospace, and an internship at Lockheed Martin.  

Hands-on learning in class

Of my in-class curriculum and activities, the most helpful in my education would have to be both my first and last projects at Iowa State. First year in AerE 160, we needed to design, code and build a lighter-than-air craft that would be raced against other teams. This class was incredibly helpful and allowed my freshman self to glimpse into what working in the industry would include: teamwork, perseverance and deadlines.  

In addition to that class, my senior design project was another influential experience. This class was again a simulation of the industry, in which we were given year-long teams and introduced to a project. From there, we would have to apply all the skills we learned during our time at Iowa State. This project not only allowed me to practice technical skills but also helped with soft skills, such as becoming more comfortable with having a long-term team. Both projects showed me what working full time will be like.  

Out-of-the-classroom engineering experience

I would have to say that my internships and research were the most influential. My internships introduced me to what working in the industry would be like and where I found my interests. Not only did my internships help with my technical skills, but they also prepared me for full-time adult living. 

Research was also a defining factor because it was a project that wasn’t required by any class. Research was another method of finding my interests and working with students of other majors, a great experience that prepared me for the future.  

Most influential mentors

All the engineers I have met in the industry during my internships, especially the Iowa State graduates. They were the ones I asked for the most advice and guidance from academically and professionally. At Iowa State, I would have to say that Kristin Rozier was a very influential mentor. She was always there when I needed guidance, advice or to chat. She allowed me to interview and join her research team, which has taught me so much.  

Best memory 

One thing I love about Iowa State is that it has more to offer than just academics. My best memory at Iowa State doesn’t come from the classroom but from a football game. More specifically, the whole day before the Cy Hawk game in 2021. My friends and I were so excited about this game that we concocted a plan to camp out in the student line so we could cheer the Cyclones on from the front row. We sat in the student line for about 30 hours until we were let into the stadium. We spent that time trying to pass the time with card games, conversations, trying to sleep, and talking with the other people in line. As planned, we were front row at the game and cheering like crazy. Sadly, Iowa State lost that game, but even with the loss, those 30 hours were some of the best I had at ISU. 

Plans after graduation 

I have accepted a job with Lockheed Martin as a systems engineer. I will be moving to Fort Worth, Texas, and am excited to start a new chapter of my life. 

Making my mark on the world 

As an engineer, I want to be a part of making the world a safer and more advanced place. I am very interested in military aviation and helping to keep the United States safe. My mission is to make sure I can do all in my power so that all military and civilian personnel can come home safely.  

Engineering like a Cyclone Engineer 

It was amazing being a Cyclone Engineer. Iowa State has endless opportunities, from going to the career fair to talking with distinguished alumni, to just connecting with other students and faculty. Iowa State created an amazing environment for any engineer to excel. I am proud to be a Cyclone Engineer.