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10 days, 1,000 miles to support Engineers Without Borders

Dirk Maier stands next to his bike
Dirk Maier stands next to his bike

10 days, 1,000 miles – that’s how much Cyclone Engineer Dirk Maier is riding RAGBRAI 2023 to raise money for Iowa State Engineers Without Border’s sustainable engineering projects with the Ullo, Ghana, community.

Maier, a professor of agricultural and biosystems engineering, is faculty advisor to ISU-EWB. His ride across Iowa will support a Ullo health clinic project.

“The project is among the biggest any EWB group in the U.S. has ever taken on with a partner community,” said Maier. “So our fundraising goals are also big to build the clinic as envisioned, so I’m extending the typical 500-mile RAGBRAI ride to support EWB’s work.”

How does Maier reach 1,000 miles when the typical RAGBRAI route is shorter? He rode two 100-mile days to get from Ames to the RAGBRAI route start in Sioux City, adds on miles to each of the seven traditional route days, and he will do one 100-mile day returning from the route end in Davenport.