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Meg Lashier’s (solar powered) drive to inspire tomorrow’s engineers

Meg Lashier pictuwith team PrISUM's solar car

Margaret “Meg” Lashier is passionate about setting an example for other young women considering a career in chemical engineering.

“The ratio of men to women can be intimidating, and it can feel at times that you have to be the best to be taken seriously. However, the more women that choose STEM as their field of study, the better it will get,” Lashier says. “I know that I, alongside all the other women in my field, are working hard to set an example for younger women considering a career in science.”

Lashier says Iowa State has presented her with great resources, such as Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE) programming that helped her with a smooth transition from high school to college.

And, Lashier says, she has had only great experiences with her professors, in-class learning, involvement on student teams, and multiple work experiences. “After going on an internship and a co-op, I feel like the classes here really have helped prepare me for the world outside of school,” Lashier said. “I am utilizing the problem-solving skills that I acquired from my engineering classes all the time.”

Lashier has also been involved in various student organizations and clubs including, PrISUm Solar Car club at ISU. The club’s mission is to change the future of transportation and to educate future generations.

“On team PrISUm, I have served as a member of the composites team, which involved very hands-on work, as outreach director, where my job involved spreading our message to the community, and most recently project director, where I was the leader of the team,” Lashier says. “This project is one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever been a part of, and I know that I have developed crucial leadership, teamwork, and technical skills that have helped me grow as an engineer and a person.”