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CCEE’s David Sanders Named ACI Henry L. Kennedy Award Winner

David H. Sanders, CCEE’s Greenwood Department Chair and Professor at Iowa State, has been named a Henry L. Kennedy Award recipient.  

Sanders’s initial reaction upon receiving the award was surprise and excitement.  

Sanders posing in front of a red and yellow wall in Town
Department chair David Sanders with the ACI award

“There is only one Henry L. Kennedy Award recipient per year, and the organization has 30,000 members in more than 100 countries.” Sanders said. “Great to be a part of a volunteer organization.” 

Sanders has regularly attended the American Concrete Institute (ACI) convention since 1990; he has only missed a few. 

Sanders’s favorite part of the concrete convention is connecting with the experts and friends in the concrete world, in addition to serving on many committees.   

“I have learned so very much by being part of ACI,” Sanders said. “I have started by volunteering to help with committee projects. My first two committee memberships were ACI-ASCE Committee 423 Prestressed Concrete in 1991 and ACI 342 Earthquake Resistant Concrete Bridges in 1992. These two committees started a great journey in ACI. Since then, I have participated and chaired many ACI committees.” 

Sanders is a fellow in ACI and currently on the Iowa ACI Chapter Board of Dirction. He is active as an Associate Editor with ACI Structural Journal and a member and subcommittee chair of ACI 318, Structural Concrete Building Code Committee.  

Sanders received a master’s and doctoral degree in structural engineering from the University of Texas at Austin.  He is also 1984 civil engineering alumnus of Iowa State University.