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ABE Provides Free Hazardous Safety Training to Companies and Employees

Photo of ABE professor James Wright teaching three individuals in a classroom
ABE professor James Wright teaching individuals about safety training

At Iowa State University, safety training is valued as critical to providing a safe environment for workers.  

ISU Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering teaching professor James Wright and associate professor Nir Keren just received an OSHA, U.S. Department of Labor, Susan Harwood Training grant to implement hazard communications and chemical hazards training to ‘prepare employees, supervisors and owners of manufacturing, construction and agricultural companies for regulatory safety requirements, suggestions and strategies for work protection.’

Throughout the program, attendees have the chance to ask questions, learn about requirements and share their personal experiences. With both online and in person sessions, this training can be accessible to most. From employer responsibilities to controlling hazardous materials and many lessons in between, this training is a three-hour, full encompassing class.

Andrew Lawson, the lead designer and course moderator for the course, has been handling the logistics and design of the course as Wright and Keren teach the material. The content in this training can re-wire perspectives and build community, he says.Photo of three individuals learning about safety training

“Even when you’ve been in the industry for many years, there is always room for improvement and the ability to learn from the experiences of others,” Lawson said. “Individuals and companies that have been doing it a certain way for a long time tend to be more complacent and accepting that injuries come with the job. This training doesn’t just teach or refresh your understanding of Hazard Communications and Hazard Chemicals, but it too helps change your mindset about the acceptance of unnecessary workplace injuries. That is why this course is so useful for so many. Also, the in-person training we offer for businesses really helps get your whole staff on the same page with the regulations and helps improve workplace communication for any situation.”

Because of the Susan Harwood Training grant that the team received, this course is free to attendees – providing education and training at no cost. This is a critical step in the occupational safety realm, giving access to those who need it most on how to operate when working with chemical hazards.

This course is being implemented currently, on track to provide training through September 2022. Register here.