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CCEE Alum Ali Arabzadeh Receives Canadian Technical Asphalt Association Award

One of only three papers accepted with no Canadian authors, Iowa State University Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering’s Ali Arabzadeh received the 2021 Elaine Thompson Editor’s Award for ‘Best Written Presentation’ for the Canadian Technical Asphalt Association.

Cyclone engineers take to the sky for advanced manufacturing research

A team of Iowa State University College of Engineering researchers recently experienced something that few ever will: a zero-gravity environment.

CCEE’s In-Ho Cho and ECpE researchers receive U.S. Patent for Microsoft Robotic Device Gentle Enough to Lift Human Egg

CCEE professor In-Ho Cho has just been issued a United States Patent in collaboration with ISU’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECpE) for a multidisciplinary, microsoft robotic device controlled through air.

ISU Water Chicks: Spreading a Message of Support in ABE

Many individuals in the Iowa State University engineering community have either seen a notification from, or heard of, the ISU Water Chicks. From sharing advanced research publications to posting group hangouts, the account has been a staple for ISU engineers and environmental scientists on twitter.

New leadership positions lead advancement in key undergraduate education outcomes

Cris Schwartz, professor of mechanical engineering and director of ME’s undergraduate education, has been appointed professor in charge of foundational mechanics course experience, and Jennifer Heinen, teaching professor of chemical and biological engineering and CBE’s director of undergraduate education, has been named professor in charge of continuous improvement and accreditation.

From International Construction to Aquatic Chemistry: CCEE Welcomes Two New Faculty

As the Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering (CCEE) begins a new semester, two faculty members start a new chapter of their careers here in CCEE at Iowa State University.

Joseph Charbonnet, assistant professor in environmental engineering, and Steven Johnson, professor of practice in construction engineering both began their faculty positions this semester.