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Iowa Lakes teams up with Iowa State to test batteries

Iowa Lakes Community College collaborates with Iowa State University to provide hands-on learning experiences to engineering students. The experimental collaboration utilizes a battery testing machine purchased with a grant obtained by both colleges. The device will allow engineering students to collect data on the optimal charging cycles of battery cells.

Four prevail in CBE’s Perfect Pitch grad student competition

Once again graduate student research presentations and the clock were in the spotlight in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, in the Perfect Pitch competition for fall semester 2021.

IE’s Tokadlı named Fall 2021 Graduate College student marshal

For the second semester in a row, a College of Engineering student has been selected as the Graduate College’s student marshal and this semester that honor goes to Güliz Tokadlı, a Ph.D. candidate in industrial engineering and human-computer interaction. Tokadlı’s graduate school experience differs from most doctoral students in that she is working full-time while pursuing her Ph.D. In September, she starting working as the human factors lead at Locomotion, a company working on autonomous trucking technology.

NASA Space Act Agreement expands NDE capabilities in high-frequency microwave/millimeter wave testing

Iowa State University’s microwave and millimeter wave nondestructive evaluation laboratory, directed by Reza Zoughi at Center for Nondestructive Evaluation (CNDE), will expand its capabilities through a new partnership with NASA.

Through a Space Act Agreement (SAA), NASA Marshal Space Flight Center (MSFC) will loan a microwave/millimeter wave performance network analyzer that makes possible measurements up to 325 GHz, significantly improving this laboratory’s range of high-frequency testing capabilities.

CoMFRE Annual Meeting: Presentations and pitches

The Center for Multiphase Flow Research and Education hosted their annual meeting on October 26, 2021, marking another year of successful collaboration and discovery.

CoMFRE affiliates gave 11 presentations on member-supported research projects as well as federally-supported research – and students participated in a research pitch competition. Nearly 50 researchers, graduate students and industry partners attended the virtual event.

Software Engineering senior graduates with dual degree to pursue interest in bioinformatics

Graduating senior Morgan Smith took STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) to a whole new level after she arrived at Iowa State University. This fall, Smith, who is from Nevada, Iowa will graduate with two STEM degrees – Software Engineering (SE) from the College of Engineering and Microbiology (MICR) from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.