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Alumna Lori Ryerkerk of Celanese Corporation enters CBE Hall of Fame

Lori Ryerkerk, an alumna of the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering (CBE), has been inducted into the CBE Hall of Fame. She accepted the honor November 18 as part of the department’s Honors and Awards ceremony that celebrated student scholarships, fellowships and other achievements.

Macrogrid study: Big value in connecting America’s eastern and western power grids

A “macrogrid” that increases the electricity moving between America’s Eastern and Western interconnections, two of the biggest power grids on the planet, would more than pay for itself, according to research papers published this summer and fall by the Interconnections Seam Study. An Iowa State research team developed computer models for the study.

Contributing to civil engineering education one scholarship at a time

Iowa State University alum Richard Gumtau had a more than five-decade career as a highway engineer which took him all over the country and even other parts of the world. Gumtau’s journey is an aspiring one though it almost ended before it even started because of the academic and financial hurdles he faced his freshman year of college. This would eventually inspire him to support students so they would not need to encounter the hardship he endured.