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12 in ECpE receive #CyThx submissions

(L-R) Top row: Ahmed Kamal, Andrew Bolstad, Anthony Moore, Liang Dong, Lynne Dubert. // Bottom row: Mani Mina, Mohamed Selim, Nathan Neihart, Rosalie Vos-Tulp, Vicky Thorland-Oster.

To celebrate effective teaching, advising and mentoring, the Iowa State University Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT) partners with Learning Communities, Multicultural Student Affairs, Student Government, and Graduate and Professional Student Senate for the annual recognition project #CyThx at Iowa State University. In its third year, #CyThx once again promoted ISU’s Strategic Goal 4, “Continue to enhance and cultivate the ISU experience where faculty, staff, students and visitors are safe and feel welcomed, supported, included and valued by the university and each other.” #CyThx invites Cyclones to share, “Who makes you feel like a valued member of the ISU community?”

In ISU’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, 12 students, faculty and staff received anonymous #CyThx messages, out of 277 total #CyThx submissions across the university. Each ECpE recipient’s message is linked below. Find the full list of #CyThx recipients here.

Ahmed Kamal, professor

Andrew Bolstad, adjunct assistant professor

Anthony Moore, academic advisor

Liang Dong, professor

Lynne Dubert, secretary

Mani Mina, associate professor

Mohamed Selim, assistant teaching professor

Nathan Neihart, associate professor

Robert Walling, senior majoring in software engineering

Rosalie Vos-Tulp, academic advisor

Vicky Thorland-Oster, assistant director of student services

Xiaoke Ding, graduate student in ECpE