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Shan Jiang’s solid−solid interface at the Janus particle boundary discoveries on cover of Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters

Shan Jiang, assistant professor of materials science and engineering, is the corresponding author on a paper featured on the cover of Physical Chemistry Letters.

The image on the cover is from the article “Unique Orientation of the Solid−Solid Interface at the Janus Particle Boundary Induced by Ionic Liquids.” The results of this study highlight the importance of the Janus boundary not previously recognized. The study examines the role of the solid-solid interface at the boundary of Janus particles in establishing particle interactions and assembly.

The study results could inspire future studies of different assembly structure. The results found on orientations and assembly help draw attention to the Janus boundary as well as highlight the importance of the solid-solid interface.

“This study not only suggests a method to create the solid-solid interface, but also discovers the significance and potential applications, such as self-assembly, separation and catalysis, utilizing this new system,” said Shan Jiang.

This is also a highly collaborative work. Other authors on the paper include graduate students from Materials Science and Engineering: Ayuna Tsyrenova, Yifan Li, Kyle Miller, and postdoc Fei Liu; Graduate students from Mechanical Engineering: Keyvan Mollaeian; Graduate student from Chemistry: Muhammad Q. Farooq; Professor from mechanical engineering: Dr. Juan Ren; Professor from Chemistry: Dr. Jared L. Anderson, and Research Scientist from Sandia National Laboratories: Dr. Stephen M. Anthony.