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CCEE Graduate Student Kanika Lamba receives ADSC scholarship

Civil, construction and environmental engineering department Ph.D. student Kanika Lamba is a recipient of an ADSC International Association of Foundation Drilling 2020-2021 scholarship, acknowledging work done with foundation drilling. 

Lamba was awarded the Bill Maher Memorial Scholarship which is worth $3,000. 

“The society is very much known in our field, so this is very honorable,” Lamba said. “And more than the money part, I feel good because they honor my work, and I’ve been researching this for the last five years. It’s always good to see some sort of acknowledgement. I feel more motivated with research I’m doing.” 

Lamba’s research focus is on the seismic response of deep foundations and is a three-step process. 

“Trying to know how the foundation would behave based on the mathematical calculation, the second part of my research involves the testing of soil in the lab,” Lamba said. “The third part of my research involves testing of foundation in the field.”

When testing soil, Lamba pays careful attention to the strength and moisture of the soil to be sure it’s accurately named. 

Lamba was motivated by her professor’s involvement within ADSC to apply for the scholarship, following his encouragement that she apply. 

“I was not expecting it, but it was really good to see,” Lamba said. 


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  1. Thanks dear you have made us so proud
    Hats off to your parents and your respected professors who have mentored and motivated you to reach such heights May God bless you and your Almamater always

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