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Food and Agricultural Traceability? There’s a class for that.

FSHN 653X, “Food and Agricultural Traceability,” combines three of Iowa State’s majors into one course where students learn about current issues and concepts of food and agricultural product traceability in the United States from production to consumption. 

The course includes aspects from agricultural and biosystems engineering, food, science and human nutrition and was in collaboration with the Ivy School of Business. Twenty MBA students from Ivy’s Executive MBA program were in attendance at the two-day course. 

The course was taught by Jim Dickson, professor of animal science, Shannon Coleman, assistant professor of food, science and human nutrition, Gretchen Mosher, associate professor of agricultural and biosystems engineering and Byron Brehm-Stecher, associate professor of food, science and human nutrition. 

The teaching team worked to address issues in food and agricultural traceability. Learning topics included food types, microbial agents of concern, adulterants, disease investigations risk analysis, risk mitigation, prevention and regulatory policy and advocacy. 

The course will be offered again next year.