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APEX-E still gives incoming students opportunity to connect through virtual programs

Paiton Pumroy, incoming freshman, checks a Facebook group chat. A prompt is waiting for her in the APEX-E group, connecting her with dozens of other students, professors and mentors within the program.  A prompt such as sharing your favorite food along with the recipe, or what look you decided to go with today, whether it …Continue reading “APEX-E still gives incoming students opportunity to connect through virtual programs”

Engineering alum strives to make college more accessible for disenfranchised students

As a collegian, Tina Akinyi remembers often being the only student of color in her classes and the sense of isolation she felt because of it. Now in her professional capacity, she hopes to remove that sense of isolation for future students by bringing more people of color and other disenfranchised students into higher education. …Continue reading “Engineering alum strives to make college more accessible for disenfranchised students”

Food and Agricultural Traceability? There’s a class for that.

FSHN 653X, “Food and Agricultural Traceability,” combines three of Iowa State’s majors into one course where students learn about current issues and concepts of food and agricultural product traceability in the United States from production to consumption.  The course includes aspects from agricultural and biosystems engineering, food, science and human nutrition and was in collaboration …Continue reading “Food and Agricultural Traceability? There’s a class for that.”

Driven by a passion to engineer vehicles of the future

From fuel-efficient snowmobile engines to the electric motors in the Tesla Model Y, mechanical engineering student Katie Lyon has a passion for environmentally friendly vehicles. Lyon grew up in Burnsville, Minnesota and as a child loved playing with Legos, Lincoln Logs and other toys that allowed her to combine her creativity with her analytic skills. …Continue reading “Driven by a passion to engineer vehicles of the future”

Four new faculty joined CCEE department

Iowa State University’s Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering  added four new members to its faculty this semester.  Tom Foldes, associate teaching professor, Katie Madson, assistant professor, Jonathan Wood, assistant professor, and Onur Avci, research assistant professor joined the department in August.  To be entering the field of research and teaching during a time …Continue reading “Four new faculty joined CCEE department”

Enviratron robot rover gathers plant heat-stress response data

A new study shows how two responses in separate locations inside plant cells work in concert to help corn plants respond to heat stress. The research was made possible by the Enviratron, an innovative plant sciences facility at Iowa State University that utilizes a robotic rover and highly controlled growth chambers. The Enivratron’s plant measuring robots were developed by ABE’s Lie Tang.

Big research advancements at the nano-scale

A strong foundation at Iowa State University has helped to set up a mechanical engineering alum for success at his next adventure as a researcher at Northwestern University. Bowei Zhang grew up in Jingshan, a city in central China. He attended Wuhan University of Science and Technology where he graduated with an undergraduate degree in …Continue reading “Big research advancements at the nano-scale”

Summer research internship leads to journal paper for ME student

Patience has paid off for one mechanical engineering student, as he recently published a research paper nearly a year after completing a research internship at a national lab. Xian Yeow Lee, a doctoral student in mechanical engineering (ME), spent three months during the summer of 2019 as a research intern at the Lawrence Livermore National …Continue reading “Summer research internship leads to journal paper for ME student”

Engineering a career in marketing

Longtime industrial engineering chair Joseph Walkup (1942-1973) always said, “Engineers can do anything.” For industrial engineering alum Kim Ditter, that “anything” happened to be a career in marketing. Ditter grew up in Mason City, Iowa, and because of her strengths in math, her mother encouraged her to pursue a technical field. Ditter was exposed to …Continue reading “Engineering a career in marketing”

Five CBE faculty members receive promotions

Five Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering (CBE) faculty members have received promotions effective with the commencement of fall semester. Laura Jarboe has been promoted to the rank of professor. She joined the CBE faculty as an assistant professor in 2008. She is a member of the Center for Biorenewable Chemicals (CBiRC) and her research …Continue reading “Five CBE faculty members receive promotions”

In Memory: ECpE Distinguished Professor Emeritus Robert Grover Brown

The following information is from the obituary for Robert Grover Brown. Robert Grover Brown (“Grover”) passed away peacefully on Aug. 10, 2020, at 94 years old. Brown was born on April 25, 1926, in Shenandoah, Iowa, to Grover Whitney and Irene (Frink) Brown. He graduated from Shenandoah High School in 1944 and immediately enlisted in …Continue reading “In Memory: ECpE Distinguished Professor Emeritus Robert Grover Brown”

New Faculty Spotlight: Houqiang Fu

Each new semester at Iowa State University (ISU) brings a lot of new faces to campus. With the start of the fall 2020 semester, one of those faces is Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECpE) Assistant Professor Houqiang Fu.  Fu is originally from Central China. After receiving his bachelor’s degree in materials physics from …Continue reading “New Faculty Spotlight: Houqiang Fu”

Engineers modify football helmet to reduce the spread of COVID-19

Click here for design plans and other info for how your team can create these plastic helmet inserts With the start of the college football season fast approaching, equipment managers for Iowa State University were searching for a way to modify the team’s helmets so they would be functional for the players, while also reducing …Continue reading “Engineers modify football helmet to reduce the spread of COVID-19”