2020 Engineering Student Council Awards announced

Every spring, Engineering Student Council select Cyclone Engineering faculty, staff and students who have demonstrated leadership over the past year.

Below are the 2019-2020 honorees, along with a quote from the award nomination:


Outstanding Academic Advisor of the Year

Robert Thompson, academic advisor in electrical and computer engineering

“He was there to pick me up, cheer me on and guide me to where I needed to be. Bob never gave up on me even when I was at my lowest point, where at time I felt as I was unable to succeed, or my problems would never get better.”


Outstanding Engineering Faculty of the Year

Goce Trajcevski, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering

“He is extremely committed to all his students, and while he is a really busy guy, you can tell how much he cares.”


Outstanding Staff Member of the Year

Julie Rursch, associate teaching professor of electrical and computer engineering

“Julie has always been so supportive, and she really has grown my confidence as well as love for the degree I’m pursuing.”


Outstanding Student Organization Advisor of the Year

Travis Sippel, associate professor of mechanical engineering











“Not only has he helped our team to accomplish what we have, he has also inspired many members to want to pursue careers in industry and academia working with rocket propulsion.”


Most Involved Club Member of the Year (MVP)

Joe DeFrancisco, senior in electrical engineering

“Joe works tirelessly to make sure that his project is perfect, while setting a golden example of what a student club member should be.”


Outstanding Club Leader of the Year

Madison Drent, senior in materials engineering

“She is always the first to volunteer to take on a responsibility or plan an event, and she truly cares about making our events and meetings worthwhile for student members.”


Outstanding K12 Outreach Event of the Year

Iowa State University Solar Car Team

“We want to show the world that solar energy is an increasingly viable solution to today’s energy crisis.”