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International partnership with Shandong University

A recent cooperative agreement was signed between researchers in from the Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering (CCEE) department at Iowa State University (ISU) and the School of Civil Engineering at Shandong University in Jinan, China.

The agreement is designed to start a new educational program for collaborative research for both universities. The goal is to bring in more graduate students from each university to study abroad and learn from other programs. “To me, it is exciting to see the students bring research ideas,” said Kejin Wang, CCEE engineering professor. “They [Shandong University students]are very good and very active. So hopefully, they will bring some ideas for more research and collaboration.”

The next step in this international partnership is recruiting students with interests in the program and encouraging them to apply. Wang said, “We hope things will go smoothly. We will see what each student can bring us and how we can communicate.”

The agreement was signed on Jan. 16 in the Town Engineering building on the campus of Iowa State University.

Representatives from Iowa State University and Shandong University pose for a photo in the Town Engineering Building. Pictured left to right: Zhi Ge (Shandong University), David Sanders (ISU CCEE department chair), Jian Liu (Shandong University) and Kejin Wang (ISU CCEE)