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2019 James M. Hoover Distinguished Lecture explores the makeup of soils

On Nov. 14, 2019, Roman Hryciw gave the 2019 James M. Hoover Distinguished Lecture at Iowa State University. The topic of his presentation was optical characterizations of granular soils. Hryciw is a professor of civil engineering at the University of Michigan and has interests in site characterization, in-situ testing, instrument development, image analysis, soil properties, ground modification and soil dynamics.

Roman Hryciw presenting at the 2019 James M. Hoover Distinguished Lecture.
Roman Hryciw (second from right) after his presentation. He is with (from left) Dennis Hoover (B.S. speech communication ’77), son of James M. Hoover, James M. Hoover Lecture sponsor Craig Denny (M.S., B.S civil engineering ’71, ’73) and James M. Hoover Professor in Geotechnical Engineering Vern Schafer.

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