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ABE professor issued patent for agricultural weighing device

Matthew Darr, a professor in Iowa State University’s Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Department (ISU ABE), was recently issued a U.S. patent. Titled “Round Module Weighing Using Differential Pressure Sensing,” the patent was issued on Oct. 9, 2018. It was filed as U.S. Patent No. 10,091,943.

From the patent file, it states that the invention “…relates to detecting physical characteristics of an agricultural item. More specifically, the present description relates to weighing a round module of agricultural material, such as cotton.”

Darr received his doctoral degree in food, agricultural, and biological engineering from The Ohio State University in 2007. His current research emphasis includes equipment development for enhanced densification and logistics for cellulosic biomass feedstock, optimized storage and material upgrading for long term biomass feedstock stability, and machinery automation to support both biomass feedstock collection and optimal fertilizer placement.

Darr has authored and co-authored a number of peer-reviewed articles as well as a handful of ICM Publications. Those works can be viewed here.


Matt Darr
Matt Darr