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ABE professor recognized for peer-review work

Publons recently recognized Iowa State Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Professor Jacek Koziel for his ongoing work in the field of peer reviews. Publons, a distinguished peer-review source, celebrated the #SentinelsofScience with the 2018 Global Peer-Review Awards.

Koziel was named as a top reviewer for environment/ecology and a top reviewer for chemistry. The Publons Top Reviewer Award “recognizes the top 1 percent of reviewers who performed the most verified pre-publication peer reviews on Publons for the 2018 Global Peer Review Awards.”1

A reviewer earns his or her ranking by completing verified pre-publication reviews for Publons. Publons uses this method of field categorization due to the broad nature of research areas that align with the Web of Science – an online subscription-based scientific database. Publons is a part of Claritive Analytics, which owns Web of Science.

As stated on its website, Publons’ mission is to “speed up research by harnessing the power of peer review.” Publons does this by turning the field of peer-reviewing into a “measureable indicator of a researcher’s expertise and contributions to their field.” Publons tracks over 2.7 million reviews, in more than 25,000 journals, by more than 460,000 researchers worldwide.


1Publons’ top 1 percent methodology.