CBE’s Oviedo, Spain summer lab wraps up with valuable experience, memories

Students at overlook
CBE students and faculty advisor Karen Haman enjoy a scenic Spanish overlook.

The Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering’s Oviedo, Spain Summer Lab Program hosted eight Iowa State undergraduates this summer, joined by students from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the annual joint program.

The program uses the facilities and educators of the University of Oviedo. The intensive course work serves up a unit operations lecture and lab experience that garners each student seven semester credits that cover two chemical engineering courses. Course work is presented in English, with an individual option for Spanish language.

Stidents in Oviedo lab
CBE undergrads Evan Mahoney (near camera) and Matthew Lentner get comfortable with the lab equipment at the University of Oviedo.

Students conducted and wrote reports for a total of ten experiments, and worked with various faculty members from the University of Oviedo, Rafael Chavez from the University of Wisconsin, and Professor Karen Haman of Iowa State CBE. The experience included manufacturing plant tours at Asturiana de Zinc S.A. (producing zinc and sulfuric acid), a Mahou/San Miguel Brewery, and a Bayer Pharma facility, where nearly 90% of the world’s aspirin is produced. Sightseeing and enjoying the Spanish culture are also always on the agenda.

Student participants in this year’s program were Maxsam Donta, Kaylin Kartaly, Matthew Lentner, Evan Mahoney, Sam Miller, Branden Moreau, Jason Peck and Tanner Phelps.

Students at restaurant
Food and fun share the agenda with lab work in the Oviedo experience.

Starting in 2019 the Oviedo Summer Lab will be included in a new program established by The Hershel B. Whitney Charitable Trust. It will provide funding for the Hershel B. Whitney Global Initiatives Program, which will assist CBE undergraduates who wish to in the Oviedo experience. More information surrounding the program will be announced soon.