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Next Step at Iowa State – Engineer at ISU CCEE

Adult learner finds many opportunities to network and make friendships while continuing his adventure 

Tim Kimball isn’t your traditional undergraduate construction engineering student. The college junior comes to Iowa State University (ISU) with twelve years of industry experience. He’s got a family and a full-time job. So it’s understandable that the first advice Kimball has for fellow nontraditional students is, “organization.”

“Organization is the key to passing your classes, to making sure your homework is done on time, to making sure you don’t forget to study for a test,” he says.

He’s not shy about admitting that coming back to school is a challenge. Currently, Kimball is balancing a full class schedule with work at Miller Electric in Indianola, Iowa; however, he says the struggle is worth it.

“I would totally recommend going back to school to get a degree if you’re an older person … looking to further your career,” he insists. “It’s tough. It’s hard work. It’s something that you really have to put the effort into. But you’ll definitely get rewarded for it.”

Kimball has taken part in the ISU College of Engineering Career Fair and has earned internship experiences for his efforts.

Kimball <i>(far right)</i> with his wife and their three children. <i> Photo courtesy Kimball.</i>
Kimball (far right) with his wife and their three children. Photo courtesy Kimball.

“I really also appreciate the network opportunities that Iowa State provides,” he says.

Even though several years separate him from some undergraduate students, Kimball will be the first to say that he has enjoyed making new friendships at ISU. He also enjoys it when students ask him about his industry experience.

“If you’re looking to get an engineering degree, Iowa State is definitely the place to go,” he sums up.

Note: In March-May 2018, Iowa State University College of Engineering Communications is setting out to find the top reasons why undergraduate students choose to pursue their education at ISU CCEE. “Engineer at ISU CCEE” is a video/written series featuring undergraduate students from ISU CCEE’s two majors, civil and construction engineering. Each student shares his or her unique reason for choosing Iowa State. Find out about the student experience at ISU CCEE by following us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn (Iowa State University Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering and ISUConE).