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Seventeen engineering students to present at national undergrad research conference

Seventeen Iowa State University engineering students were selected to present their research at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research.

NCUR will bring together about 4,000 students from across the nation on April 4-7 to present their research projects, learn more about graduate schools, attend professional development workshops, and network.

College of Engineering students chosen to attend are:

  • Souparni Agnihotri, Bangalore, India, electrical and computer engineering; Omar Taylor, Miramar, Florida, computer engineering; Yazan Okasha, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, electrical and computer engineering, “Fast Algorithms for Recommender Systems”
  • Courtney Beringer, Asbury, mechanical engineering, “Solar Apparel”
  • Siyu Bi, Seattle, Washington, mechanical engineering, “Atomic Force Microscopy Study Revealed Velocity-Dependence and Nonlinearity of Nanoscale Poroelasticity of Eukaryotic Cells”
  • Josua Gonzales-Neal, Tomball, Texas, software engineering, “Literary Review of the Security for the Internet of Things Survey”
  • Sammy Hassan, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, civil engineering, “Bioprotective Layer for Corrosion Control” and “Novel Capacitive CFRP Sensor for Structural Health Monitoring”
  • Jordan Hildebrand, Bismarck, North Dakota, mechanical engineering, “Student Video Viewing Behaviors in an Online Undergraduate Mechanics of Materials Course”
  • Jace Holton, Waterloo, mechanical engineering, “Calibration Method for Spinning Fringe Projection”
  • Abraham Polonia Suarez, Carolina, Puerto Rico, mechanical engineering, “Stamped-Graphene Biosensors on Biodegradable and Disposable Substrates”
  • Enrique Rubio Delgado, Des Moines, civil engineering, “The Tale of Two Devastating Earthquakes in Mexico City”
  • Takao Shibamoto, Tokyo, Japan, computer engineering, “Primer Server – A Web Application to Design Primers for the Amplification of Unique DNA Targets in Complex Genomes”
  • Alexis Slade, Waukee, agricultural engineering, “Effects of Woodchip Bioreactors on Water Quality”
  • Eric Spahr, Cary, Illinois, industrial engineering; and Kevin Lin, Council Bluffs, industrial engineering, “In-Situ Quality Inspection for Micro/Nanoscale Additive Manufacturing System Based on Electrohydrodynamic Inkjet Printing Using Machine Vision”
  • Laura Michaelson, Dakota Dunes, South Dakota, mechanical engineering, “A Mobile Diagnostics Lab for Interdisciplinary Climate Research”
  • Bradyn Thompson, Morton, Illinois, construction engineering, “Studying Motivations for Adopting Solar Photovoltaic Technology in Chile: An Analytical Hierarchical Process Approach”
 Click here for a list of all Iowa State students selected to attend NCUR.