Eilers’ CYtation Award nomination full of praise for his work in Aerospace Engineering

Brad Eilers and Provost Wickert
Aerospace Engineering academic adviser Brad Eilers receives his CYtation Award from Iowa State University Senior Vice President & Provost Jonathan Wickert.

Department of Aerospace Engineering academic adviser Brad Eilers has received a 2017 CYtation Award from the university’s Professional and Scientific Council (see a story summarizing all College of Engineering Professional and Scientific [P&S] employees who were awarded here). The CYtation award honors a P&S employee of Iowa State who has gone above and beyond the call of duty, does something extraordinarily well, or has acted in a way as to make a real difference to Iowa State.

The awards stem from nomination. Eilers’ nominator pointed out many examples that qualified him for the honor, including working tirelessly as a mentor and champion for students in the Department of Aerospace Engineering – even at one time advising 880 undergraduate students due to unforeseen circumstances. His nominator also singled him out for his unwavering positive attitude in carrying out countless tours of his department to prospective students and their families, despite having young children at home. His nominator stated: “I have run into him giving a prospective student/family tour knowing that he was only running off of a few hours of sleep due to a young child at home and he still continues to display a positive attitude. Despite the lack of sleep and his heavy workload, he has consistently provided the best service to prospective students and their families.”

CYTation award winners group photo
Eilers (front, second from right) joins other recipients of the CYtation award at the Professional and Scientific Council ceremony.

In addition, he was lauded for his unfailing support of other Professional and Scientific employees that he works with, including employees in the college offices, who view him as a “go-to” person for any questions regarding the department that require prompt and thorough responses. He has worked closely with his department’s director of undergraduate education and the department’s new curriculum chair, in addition to conducting department orientation classes to new undergraduates and coordinating the department’s undergraduate learning communities.

“I was really surprised to find out that I had been selected for the award because I didn’t even know that anyone had nominated me. It’s an honor to be recognized,” said Eilers.

The CYtation awards are presented annually by the university’s Professional and Scientific Council, a group composed of P&S employees campus-wide who work to support, serve as a resource for, and advocates for, their fellow P&S employees. This process is designed to recognize staff members, particularly those people who might not otherwise receive recognition for outstanding work that has been done.

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