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ME professor’s research featured on back cover of ‘ChemPhysChem’

Mechanical engineering professor Xinwei Wang and his research team recently had a research paper featured on the back cover of the journal ChemPhysChem.

Below is the abstract from the paper entitled “Identifying the Crystalline Orientation of Black Phosphorus by Using Optothermal Raman Spectroscopy”:

Current polarized Raman-based techniques for identifying the crystalline orientation of black phosphorus suffer significant uncertainty and unreliability because of the complex interference involving excitation laser wavelength, scattering light wavelength, and sample thickness. Herein, for the first time, we developed a new method, optothermal Raman spectroscopy (OT-Raman), for identifying crystalline orientation. With a physical mechanism based on the anisotropic optical absorption of the polarized laser and the resulting heating, the OT-Raman can identify the crystalline orientation explicitly, regardless of excitation wavelength and sample thickness, by Raman frequency– power differential. The OT-Raman technique is robust and is able to identify the crystalline orientation of BP samples of any thicknesses.

To read the full article, click here.