Online chemical engineering Ph.D. prep course aims for non-traditional students

The new online program will assist individuals with undergrad degrees in related fields in making the transition to a chemical engineering graduate curriculum. It will also allow a pathway for those in the workplace who wish to return to school.

A new online prep program from the Iowa State University Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering (CBE) has been designed with non-traditional Ph.D. candidates in mind.

The department has unveiled plans for an online graduate core preparatory course for qualified individuals seeking the advanced degree. It will debut in the summer of 2018 and is targeted to students with undergraduate degrees from related science disciplines such as chemistry, physical chemistry, general engineering and more; and students desiring to return to school from industrial practice in chemical engineering to pursue advanced degrees.

The eight-week, three credit online summer course will help prepare students for success in the core graduate courses by reviewing and reinforcing such topics as mass and energy balances, transport, thermodynamics, kinetics and reaction engineering and numerical methods.

Iowa State’s Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering has seen an upturn in graduate admissions, and the new online program will help qualifying individuals prepare to join those ranks.

“Entering the chemical engineering Ph.D. program at Iowa State has offered me great professional opportunities since I found an area of interest for me within the department. I have improved not only my academic level, but also soft skills such as time management and more,” said current graduate student Miguel Chavez-Santoscoy, who joined the program after an undergraduate experience in biochemical engineering.

“If an online summer preparatory course had been offered to help my transition to the Ph.D. program I would have definitely taken advantage of it,” said John Matthiesen, who recently graduated from Iowa State with a Ph.D. in chemical engineering. He came to the program with degrees in engineering science and chemistry.

The course will run from June 11 – August 3, 2018 and will be free to students who have accepted admission into the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering Ph.D. program. Other students wishing to apply at a later date or to prepare for a Ph.D. program at another institution will be charged standard summer tuition. If a student is subsequently admitted and joins the Iowa State chemical engineering Ph.D. program this tuition can be reimbursed.

For additional information visit the program’s page on the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering web site.