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Gift from ADM will boost chemical engineering student group

The AIChE Chem-E-Car competition is a highlight for ISU AIChE members each academic year and will benefit from ADM’s gift.

The Iowa State University chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) has received a $2,500 gift from Archer Daniels Midland. AIChE is an international organization of chemical engineers and includes a large roster of undergraduate student groups at colleges and universities. It is the largest student group in Iowa State’s Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering (CBE) and provides members many opportunities for education, networking and outreach.

The funds will be used to support activities such as development of Iowa State teams for AIChE’s annual Chem-E-Car national competition (where students plan, construct and compete with small vehicles powered and stopped by chemical reactions); and to subsidize student participation in AIChE events such as the Midwest regional conference and Annual Student Conference, which will be held in Minneapolis in October. The funds will also support outreach and networking events, such as the annual Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering tailgate held prior to an Iowa State football game each fall, which is organized and conducted by the department’s AIChE chapter.

ADM’s gift will help with costs for ISU AIChE members attending the group’s Annual Student Conference, which was held last year in San Francisco.

CBE undergraduate Vincent Anderson, who is the incoming president of ISU’s AIChE chapter for the upcoming academic year, said, “Iowa State AIChE is proud to partner with a great company like Archer Daniels Midland. We look forward to participating in many activities with these funds, and to continue to plan successful networking events with ADM representatives, which all CBE undergrads are welcome to attend.”

Archer Daniels Midland is a premier global agribusiness and a leading food ingredient provider around the world. It employs 32,000 people, including graduates of Iowa State’s Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering.