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The Make to Innovate program announces sponsorship with Boeing

Dennis Muilenburg, CEO of Boeing, announces the partnership between M:2:I and Boeing.

The Make to Innovate (M:2:I) program at Iowa State University is delighted to announce sponsorship from The Boeing Company. Boeing, the world’s largest aerospace company will sponsor a partnership that aligns an industry leader with engineering students at Iowa State University.

The M:2:I program, which began in 2011, provides students the opportunity to participate in aerospace design projects that address real-world problems. Currently, over 200 students are involved, working on 13 projects.

“In five short years, M:2:I has progressed from an idea to the signature program for our department, and we are proud to have Boeing as our sponsor,” said Rich Wlezien, chair of the department.

Dennis Muilenburg, CEO of Boeing who earned his BS from Iowa State in 1986, made a few remarks in Howe Hall on Wednesday before the new logo was unveiled. “Boeing is very proud of this partnership,” Muilenburg said. “We think Boeing can add value to the pipeline of talented engineers created by the Make to Innovate program.”

Boeing employees will serve as technical advisors for five projects, mentoring the students as they establish future connections for life after Iowa State. In return, students get real-world experience that will give them the tools to become better engineers.

“The sponsorship will help M:2:I to better support our students’ projects, and equip our students with the resources and equipment they need,” Matt Nelson, Director of M:2:I said. “Boeing will be a great resource to our students for additional insight from industry engineers about their projects.”