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ISU grads become renowned house flippers with a twist

Two recent Iowa State graduates are using their engineering background to make a big impact in the house flipping business. Michael Donlin and Ryan Francois both graduated in 2014 with bachelors degrees in construction engineering and civil engineering, respectively.

Their company, Rally Cap Properties, specializes in the rehabilitation of Victorian-style homes in the Des Moines area. They recently gained attention when a project of theirs located on 22nd Street in the Drake neighborhood was shared by the Facebook page “For the Love of Old Houses” and gained massive attention.

Gina Swanson, a realtor who works with Donlin and Francois, said the longest time one of their houses has been on the market is a week, which their next project even being pre-sold. “You don’t run into many people who just graduated college who are building business plans and meeting with investors and working all hours of the night,” Swanson said.

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