Aer E Seniors Present Capstone Projects to Boeing Engineers

The Blue Team's airship navigates throughout the Atrium of Howe Hall . Photo by: Max Goldberg
The Blue Team’s airship navigates throughout the Atrium of Howe Hall.

Photo by: Max Goldberg

AMES, Iowa- The year-long process of planning, designing, and constructing a capstone project finally reached the finish line yesterday for a group of Aerospace Engineering seniors. The students from Iowa State University collaborated with seniors from North Carolina A&T State University to take part in Boeing’s Senior Design Competition.

The year is 2040 and the students have been commissioned to create a luxury air vehicle to transport passengers to different vacation hotspots. The students worked long-distance with their counterparts at North Carolina A&T to design, construct, and test their airships.

Students presented their work on Thursday to engineers from Boeing and were judged on how well they executed the design and technical elements of their airship.

After the presentations came the moment of truth, as the two teams took their vehicles for a test drive in the atrium of Howe Hall. In addition to the two airships, NC A&T students demonstrated the hovercrafts they built, maneuvering them through a course in front of a large group of onlookers.

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