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Estudiantes en España: ISU chemical engineering majors busy in Oviedo, Spain summer lab course

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Jack Poppenberg and Isaac Almquist work on a distillation experiment.
Jessica Bangen, Caitlin Herndon, Mitch Irlmeier and Kenzie Veith enjoy a Spanish medieval banquet.
Dr. Stephanie Loveland and the Oviedo summer lab students in front of the historic Burgos Cathedral
Dr. Stephanie Loveland and the Oviedo lab students in front of the historic Burgos Cathedral

Hard work and good times are in full swing with Iowa State University’s Chemical and Biological Engineering students taking part in this year’s Oviedo, Spain summer lab program. The 12 students and CBE professor Dr. Stephanie Loveland have just passed the halfway point in their five-week stay in the north of Spain.

The intensive program requires participants to complete a lecture and laboratory course at the University of Oviedo, conducted by local faculty. Requirements include performing ten experiments and preparing both written and oral reports. Students earn seven Iowa State semester credits. The University of Wisconsin also takes part in the program.

During their free time, participants have traveled to other Spanish cities, toured a zinc production plant, a brewery and a pharmaceutical facility, visited a historic cathedral, hiked a mountain, and enjoyed a medieval Spanish feast where food is eaten only by hand.

Iowa State CBE students taking part in the program are Isaac Almquist, Jessica Bangen, Deanna Clark, Katy Cooley, Caitlyn Herndon, Ryan Hill, Mitch Irlmeier, Tiffany Lam, Jack Poppenberg, Tyler Smith, Kenzie Veith and Audrey Wallace.