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Senator Ernst tours new ag labs at Iowa State

Senator Joni Ernst continued her 99 county tour Wednesday in Story County at Iowa State University.  Ernst toured a new complex of buildings on campus devoted to the latest Bio Renewable fuels and Agriculture and Bio Systems Engineering.

“Our new buildings here are the result of our impact on the bio economy and agriculture here in the state of Iowa,” said Steve Mickelson of the Agricultural and Bio Systems Engineering program.

The tour included a visit to a water quality laboratory and a lab where bio fuels are developed. Ernst also visited with ISU students planning careers in agriculture engineering.

Dr. Robert Brown who is a leading proponent of biofuels and a Professor of Bio Systems at ISU told the Senator about research going on there. “Iowa is leading a regional program to develop grass bio mass, things like switch grass,” said Brown.

At the conclusion of the tour Ernst said she is committed to supporting environmental solutions based on sound science.

“I am extremely impressed an excited about this technology,” said Ernst.  “I think this is great moving agriculture and energy uses forward.”

This story was originally published by WHO TV.