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Materials science and engineering professor selected as American Physical Society Fellow

The American Physical Society strives to become the leading source for physics information that advances science and humanity. APS has more than 50,000 members as of 2014, but only a select few are chosen to serve as fellow.

Richard LeSar, professor of materials science and the Lynn Gleason Professor of Interdisciplinary Engineering, has joined the highest ranks of APS, being named Fellow by the organization.

He was chosen as Fellow for his “insightful work in theory, simulation, and modeling of the properties, transitions, and dynamics of molecular solids under high pressures, and of distributions of dislocations.”

His current research focuses on creating computational methods to study properties of materials, ranging from multiscale models of plasticity to developing new strategies for multiscale design.

LeSar feels honored to be chosen for the award, “It is quite rewarding to receive such recognition from my peers.”

APS provides programs, collaborates with national scientific societies and international physics societies, and creates a diverse group of members.

LeSar was also recently named an AAAS Fellow.