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Civil Ladies in Engineering club relates exclusively to women in civil engineering

Rebecca Dailey is the pioneer of a brand new club on campus, Civil Ladies in Engineering. She had the idea last spring and recruited other women in the College of Engineering to form a cabinet and members of the faculty to be advisors.

There is the Society of Women Engineers for women in any engineering program at Iowa State, but the Civil Ladies in Engineering is the only club on campus exclusively for women in civil engineering.

Dailey, junior in civil engineering, is working toward combining with the women of construction engineering because they take many of the same classes.

There are 55 girls on the club email list, but they have about 25 women active in the events and activities that they attend on a regular basis, and are looking to expand. Dailey hopes her efforts will build stronger networks for women in engineering who are interested in the same things.

“This club is a kind of gateway for women going into engineering,” Dailey said. “One of our goals is to help girls become more confident as they are going into this field.”

Emily Knight, sophomore in industrial engineering, helped discover the club and sits on its cabinet. She helped Dailey with anything she needed from the get-go. Knight helped plan meetings and social events that were formed to reach out to young women in engineering.

“This club helps girls to know that there are more than just the two or three other girls in your classes [who] are in the same program as you,” Knight said. “It’s great to know that I’m not alone; that it’s OK to be a woman in engineering.”

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