Remembering Leo Peters

Mechanical engineering professor emeritus, Leo Peters (82) passed away July 20, 2014.

Leo Peters
Leo Peters

Dr. Leo Charles Peters was a presence in the mechanical engineering department for thirty-five years who preferred spending time mentoring students to doing research.

Peters served as an academic adviser in addition to being a professor and researcher, and he enjoyed helping foreign and minority students achieve their goals.

Graduate school brought Peters to Ames in 1961. He received his master’s degree in mechanical engineering and began teaching. After finishing his doctorate, he became a full professor in 1978.

Peters also worked as an engineering consultant in his private consulting practice, handling cases all over the world. He served as a consultant and expert witness in patent infringement and products liability litigation.

Peters married Suzanne Gordon in 1957. They raised nine children together.

5 thoughts on “Remembering Leo Peters

  1. Dr. Peters was my advisor while at ISU and I was very fortunate to have that. His guidance was always good and I have great memories of taking his class on product liability. The stories he told by themselves made the class worthwhile and he had a deep knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject which he passed on to all of us students. Dr. Peters was a terrific person, mentor and teacher and he will be missed.

  2. When I was an undergraduate student at ISU I was very active in the SAE Student Branch – Dr. Peters was the faculty advisor for the club. Dr. Peters was very generous with his time and always took a personal interest in what we were doing and how we were doing. I had the great fortune of being involved with the very first SAE Baja teams at Iowa State which Leo helped us every step of the way to get established. 30 years later it is very rewarding to see that group going strong and winning competitions – a legacy that can be directly traced by to Dr. Peters’ mentorship of students. Dr. Peters had a huge influence on shaping me into the engineer and educator that I am today and I thank him for being a big part of my experience at Iowa State during my undergraduate years.

  3. His stories from his work experience added a lot to what I learned in his class. My father-in-law worked with him at John Deere before he came to Iowa State and had a lot of good things to say about him too.

  4. I took mechanics classes from Dr Peters in the late 60’s. He was very down to earth and took some difficut material and made it interesting. I enjoyed his discriptions of his work in industry and his consulting work. It really contributed to my understanding what engineering was about. I’m still doing it and enjoy every day of it.

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